Latest “Report on Jobs” suggests a buoyant picture

The authoritative monthly “Report on Jobs” has for nearly 20 years been surveying agencies to reveal  recruitment trends, data and confidence across the UK and across employment sectors.

Its latest survey, out today, suggests a buoyant picture. Nationally:

  • Permanent placements increase at the fastest rate since February.
  • Temp billings growth at seven month high
  • Sharp falls in the availability of staff
  • Engineering, IT, financial lead perm staff
  • Blue-collar, Nursing and Catering lead temp demand but lag on perm
  • Construction slump in both temp and perm

In London:

  • Permanent placements grow following a 6-month decline
  • Temp billings increase sharply
  • Perm and temp skills shortages increased esp accounting/financial, IT/Computing
  • Salary growth at 3 months high

The North and Midlands continued growth while London saw a renewed rise. However, growth eased in the South and Scotland saw a further fall.

Commenting on the latest survey results, REC Chief Executive Kevin Green says:

“The jobs market is ending the year on a high with appointments and vacancies at levels not seen since February. In London, permanent placements have returned to growth for the first time in seven months. In all parts of the UK, recruiters are reporting increasing demand, so clearly businesses continue to seek growth in their workforces.

“The main concern as we look forward to 2017 is an increasing skills shortage. The UK employment rate is at a record high and jobs are going unfilled in key areas. We need engineers to deliver infrastructure projects, carers and nurses to look after our ageing population, teachers to educate our young people, and right now we are short of warehouse workers, drivers and chefs to meet demand over Christmas. However, candidate availability has been falling for three and a half years. There are more vacancies than there are people to fill them in many sectors, including engineering, construction and healthcare”

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