Candidate Services

Continual guidance not just throughout your next job search but also your longer-term career

Why Prism Recruitment?

For the individual who we register and believe we can assist, typically an experienced management consultant, we aim to provide sound, accurate and impartial advice on job search, career planning and your CV, as well as providing you with the opportunity to consider prospective new vacancies. Our free advice is practical and informative and can help in realising your longer–term career aspirations.

Prism Executive Recruitment aims to build long-term relationships with its candidates. We want to help you manage your career effectively over a number of years and encourage openness, trust, regular communication and honest feedback.

Making a move requires careful thought and a structured plan: successful career moves rarely happen by chance.

How Prism differs from a typical recruitment agency

  • Our reputation is much more important to us than a fee. This underpins every interaction with candidates
  • We never, ever, send your CV anywhere without your express permission
  • We always acknowledge and respond to all job applications
  • We always return calls

Our focus is clear: we specialise in consultant recruitment and related business transformation jobs, working for consultancy employers, IT services firms and corporates.

Each of our recruitment consultants has a wealth of experience and an in-depth market knowledge of the industries within which they recruit. This ensures you will always receive a high level of understanding and the most relevant up to date advice. As a consequence, those all-important career moves will come as a result of well-informed decisions.

We place considerable emphasis on helping individuals to prepare for and achieve successful career moves and are committed to dedicating the appropriate resources to do so. Whether you are actively considering a move now, or simply want to discuss your future prospects, please feel free to contact us.

To register with Prism Executive Recruitment, please submit your CV using the form on our contact us page. Please note we never send your CV anywhere without your explicit agreement.

Please note we are a specialist consultant recruiter: our free expertise and advice is typically only appropriate for some of the candidates who contact us and whom we feel we can assist.