A career move into management consultancy?

We are not able to assist those seeking a career change into a management consultancy role or a first move after leaving University.

Prism Executive Recruitment is a specialist recruiter, mainly focussed on placing candidates with recent experience gained as a permanent consulting employee within an established UK management consultancy employer, in a permanent consultancy related role.

Many of our clients are consulting firms or are corporates seeking management consultants and unfortunately, they will only pay us a fee for finding candidates with such experience: invariably as a result they are seeking a close match and not willing to compromise.

However we are often asked:

  • how can I switch to management consulting?
  • can I get into management consulting without experience?
  • what is the best route to become a management consultant?

So we have compiled some helpful links and resources below.

In our experience, direct approaches to consulting firms and people in your network in target employers are likely to be the best route for you if you are wanting to consider options in management consultancy.

Where to find more information

For information on management consultancy in general, as well as careers in management consultancy and also potential employers can be found in these sites and articles:

Some of the sites and articles are aimed at the graduate level. However they do feature useful information and employers that may be relevant to more experienced job seekers.

LinkedIn and Glassdoor searches are also a good source of potential employers to approach albeit the jobs on those sites may also be seeking experienced consultants.

These links to information on careers in management consultancy might also interest you:

eFinancial Careers

Bright Network

Source Global Research is a great resource for in-depth consultancy insights, albeit some areas are for members only.

Here is another excellent one: https://www.consultantsmind.com/

Our Management Consultants Job Search Survey highlights the point about the network.

Here is some more advice and guidance for job seekers.

Good luck!


Some management consultancy firms require experience gained in another consultancy firm. If you are an experienced management consultant you should register with a specialist executive recruitment agency or apply direct to employers that interest you.
Many management consultancies will hire early/mid-career applicants who have gained relevant experience in a brand name ‘industry side’ employer. Candidates should apply direct to management consultancy firms of interest: even better if you know someone in the firm to introduce you.
Don’t use a recruitment agency! Management consultancy firms invariably hire direct applicants via well established graduate training schemes. Not just big names: many smaller consultancy firms hire graduates too.

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