Prism Executive Recruitment has unrivalled experience of over 20 years recruiting management consultants. As an award-winning executive recruitment agency, we have a reputation for professionalism, honesty and the ability to provide a bespoke recruitment service which exceeds both client and candidate expectations. We take time to understand your specific needs – and this applies to clients and candidates alike. We believe our testimonials speak for themselves:

"I have no hesitation in recommending Prism both for organisations and for candidates. They offer a highly professional, supportive and tailored service for the management consultancy sector."


"Prism recruitment were highly professional and made job hunting a breeze! I had the pleasure of working with Chris who was in regular contact with me and took the time to fully understand my experience and the type of role I was interested in before putting me forward for options. Throughout the interview process he helped me prepare for each interview and followed up with a debrief call. Chris still checks in with me even though I am settled in my new role! I am very impressed and would recommend Prism recruitment to anyone who would like a career in management consulting."


"I was approached by Chris for an opportunity and I had an exceptional experience with him. He invested his time throughout my process and helped me navigate through all the rounds including sharing crucial insights. He has been pivotal in my success and I would highly recommend Prism to other potential candidates."


"Prism Executive Recruitment is absolutely one of the BEST executive recruitment services available in London/UK. Specially, Prism's MD, Chris Sale's utmost professionalism, invaluable advice and tactful guidance were very much appreciated and gave me the right perspectives, not only about the role I was interviewing for but for other opportunities as well. I highly recommend Prism (and Chris Sale) to anyone looking for a better executive career opportunity. Chris will go above and beyond and will make your dream job a reality. Thank you, Chris!"


"There are many players in the Executive Recruitment marketplace and Prism differentiates itself through responsiveness and giving the extra "je ne sais quoi" that makes them a partner. I judge Executive Search organisations not only on what they deliver but how they treat their candidates Chris is exceptionally knowledgeable about his subject and places a high priority on fully understanding his customers from both sides of the table - client and candidate alike. 5*"

Kate Y.

"I used Prism when I had my own firm. Their strong, ethical approach continues to this day and Prism is now one of only a small number of firms in the industry that I'm happy to recommend. Whilst they operate across all levels, my clients today find them best in their "sweet spot" of Managing Consultant up to Director / Junior Partner."

David B.

"Chris takes the time to understand what you want - I found this to be rather rare in the recruitment world"

Daniel B.

"A company that really cares about its candidates. When a candidate is looking for a new position, the most precious thing a recruiter can give to them is time to listen and give advice where possible. Chris and his team are extremely professional and care about the individual and their wellbeing and have a great deal of integrity. I strongly recommend."

Elizabeth O.

"From the first contact with Prism through to the end, they were professional, respectful, and supportive throughout the process!"


"Great communication throughout the process."

Simon B.

"My experience of Prism Recruitment runs over quite some years. Their credibility and their reputation for expert knowledge of both the management consulting sector and how to support effective senior appointments is widely recognised. As the MD Chris in particular is highly regarded as a trusted advisor by clients and senior candidates and he operates with a level of candour, integrity and quality of service which is sadly all too rare in the recruitment industry. Very highly recommended."

Martin H.

"Sheila did a fantastic job, what it did not look a close match at the beginning of the process, became a perfect match once we had further discussions. Already 1 year in the role and both the company and myself are working very well together in a very interesting and professionally rewarding journey"


“[Prism] shows a class and professionalism that I highly admire and appreciate. I will be quick to recommend Prism given your thoughtful approach”


"Chris is professional, honest and open and has worked hard to understand our business and the people we are looking to hire. He has given us plenty of feedback that has helped us to shape and improve our recruitment processes, in particular at the senior end of our consulting recruitment. He is super efficient, easy to get hold of and understands the consulting sector well, providing us with regular interesting market information."

Helen G., Head of Recruitment, leading independent operations consultancy

"A company that really cares about its candidates.

When a candidate is looking for a new position, the most precious thing a recruiter can give to them is time to listen and give advice where possible. Chris and his team are extremely professional and care about the individual and their wellbeing and have a great deal of integrity. I strongly recommend."

Lisa O

"Chris recently placed me into a new role. He was extremely knowledgeable about both the market and his client, and was very professional, responsive and communicative throughout the process."

Chris H., Business Development Manager, leading IT services multinational

"Jonathan has recently worked for me on a particularly challenging Transformation Director level role which reported directly into our Chief Operating Officer. His responsive and prompt support, his deep knowledge and professional expertise and his integrity and patience made him a pleasure to work with. I will be using Jonathan again in the future and I would highly recommend him to other organisations. In pursuit of a challenging role in a difficult marketplace he made a significant and positive contribution to our organisation."

John F., Head of Global Resourcing for a large Design Consulting firm

"Chris has a unique ability to look at the big picture and deliver results. He is someone who can add value to the organisation as well as to the talent he is representing. He has a very high degree of honesty and integrity which makes it easy to know where things stand and what you will get in dealing with him. He is knowledgeable and well connected into his market that saves a lot of wasted time. Working with Chris was a pleasure and I will surely continue to work with him."

C.A., Senior Vice President, global energy management corporation

"Chris approached me through a recommendation, proposing a new position that I was instantly interested in. He generated a strong balance between being always helpful and positive, while remaining diligent in ensuring the right outcome for all parties. His close knowledge of the client and their needs was essential to my preparation and helped to ensure that the recruitment process went smoothly."

Gary L., Business Consultant, leading independent operations consultancy

"I was initially hesitant about committing to a full retained assignment for my Director of Consulting vacancy. However, Chris' obvious deep understanding of the market, clear and robust methodology, and confidence that he could fill our rather niche requirement, won the day. And he executed perfectly: excellent communication throughout; good listening skills and flexibility; superb shortlist; final hiring of exactly the right candidate who is now on board and flying - and has already repaid the investment many times over. We'll certainly be using Prism again, and I recommend them - and Chris personally - highly"

Guy B., EVP at mid sized consultancy

"As an executive recruiter, Jonathan has a strong understanding of the requirements for senior level business and technology appointments.
Jonathan placed me with my current employer. I was very pleased that he identified my skill set as a very close match for the role and the company, which resulted in the ideal conclusion. He also worked with me through the interview process which was very helpful in securing the role.
I have no hesitation recommending him as an executive level recruiter."

Simon W., Programme Delivery Director & IT Strategy

"At our initial meeting Chris showed a high level of professionalism - it was clear that he had reviewed my CV thoroughly, and I could therefore spend this initial session providing further information about my experience rather than repeating what was in my CV!

Chris showed excellent knowledge about the sector, explaining the organisation’s culture, vision and values, organisational structure and key stakeholders for the role. He asked insightful questions and seemed keen to explore, up front, whether the role would be a good fit for me as well as assessing my knowledge and skills for the role.

After putting me forward for the role and throughout the recruitment process, Chris kept me fully informed – quickly responding to any queries I had, providing me with feedback from the interview panel, and checking throughout that I had all the information that I needed to make a decision about the role.

I would recommend Chris to potential candidates – he made what can often be a stressful process into a smooth and rewarding experience."

Fola I., Senior Digital Change Manager

"I was first introduced to Jonathan and Prism in 2003. Since then he has tracked my career and initiated twice yearly catch-ups. Jonathan spotted an opportunity which might be a good fit for me and contacted me to explore the fit and possibilities. From that initial discussion through to closure Jonathan has been highly professional and effective. Jonathan consequently placed me with my current employer. I was very pleased that he identified that skill set as a very close match for the role and the company, which resulted in the ideal conclusion. He also coached me through the interview process which was very helpful in securing the role. I have no hesitation recommending him as an executive level recruiter."

David H., Business Transformation Director

"Chris has been very helpful in fine tuning my job search's strategy, providing further assistance in adapting my resume from French to UK standards. Thanks to his network and efforts, I was able to find a suitable position within a very short time frame."

Clemence A., Senior Consultant

"As an in-house recruiter, I have worked with Chris on several occasions over the past 14 years as I've sought to fill mid to senior positions in management consultancies. What stands out about Chris is his astute understanding of the market combined with his ability to ask very searching and relevant questions. Chris is refreshingly honest and is prepared to challenge others, often in a humorous way, to ensure that he thoroughly understands the clients with whom he works in order to find the best candidates. I would certainly recommend Chris to anyone looking to recruit top candidates in the field of management consultancy."

Lizzie B., Senior freelance recruiter

"We engaged Prism to source candidates for a MD role for one of the key divisions of our business. This was a new role, and it was important to hire the right candidate to enable the business to drive forward and meet its growth objectives. It required a very specific skill set. I was delighted with the candidates that was provided – and the successful candidate is a perfect fit. A very successful conclusion to a critical brief."

Jeet K., CEO of a professional services and IT solutions company

Many thanks indeed for your swift, frank and informative response. It’s a breath of fresh air given my experience of recruitment agencies to date.


"It has been a pleasure to work with Chris. I particularly appreciated the balanced and thoroughly professional approach. Thanks Chris!"

Ian C., Director, global consulting practice

"We retained Prism to source candidates for a Head of New Proposition Development role. This was a critical role and needed a specific skill set, which traditional methods proved unsuccessful and I was delighted that the first candidate that Prism submitted was a perfect fit. A very successful conclusion to a critical brief."

David B., Marketing Director, major insurance company

"Chris was very helpful, efficient and attentive during the entire recruitment process demonstrating great professionalism and work ethic. I would definitely recommend Chris to both candidates and employers"

Konstantinos N., Managing Consultant

"Many thanks for letting me know the result of my application - a courtesy that few of your competitors seem to emulate."


"We retained Prism to source candidates for a Senior Strategic sourcing role; a key new role following an extensive piece of Organisational Design work across our business. This was critical to enable the business to drive forward and meet its growth objectives, and required a very specific skill set. Having tried standard methods to find suitable candidates, which proved unsuccessful, I was delighted that the extensive search methodology that Prism employed was successful - the first candidate submitted was a perfect fit."

Graham J., Commercial Director of a major financial services company

"Thank you for your help throughout the process. I have really appreciated the professionalism and support that you have displayed throughout."


"Chris supported me through a successful, recent recruitment process. He stayed in touch throughout, offering detailed advice and input and worked on my behalf with the recruiter to represent my interests and answer all of my queries. His help was invaluable and much appreciated."

Dominic B., Consultant Programme & Project Manager

"In my view Chris is one of the most knowledgeable and well connected headhunters which focus on management consulting in the UK. He is very candid in his views and acts as a career coach.

I have no hesitation in recommending his services."

Gerry W., Partner

“I cannot believe the number of organisations that do not provide the level of courtesy that you have shown to me”


Hi Jonathan, Just a short note to say thank you for your efforts in finding the Head of Professional Services for us. He joined last week, is settling in well & I think he will be a key member of the team for the future. Job well done.
I must admit that the exclusivity approach has opened my eyes to the positive impact on our time by keeping the number of candidates to a sensible short list from the outset, so I would certainly consider using that approach again in the future.

Robert E., UK MD international software company

"As the consummate professional you are, thanks a million for taking time out to give my daughter excellent advice. You are the best recruitment professional I came across, and that's why I recommended you. Thanks again."

Phil S.

"A Consultant's life really does not leave much time for looking for a new job. Prism are specialists who know this, and took the time to understand my skills and requirements, align them to relevant roles and opportunities, and so make the process as painless as possible. It makes perfect sense that Chris and his team keep winning awards."

Duncan M .

"Prism treated me as an individual, seeking to understand my needs and provided clear, straightforward information to help me understand their client's needs, to perform during the selection processes and inform my decision making when the time came "

David C.

"I found the Prism consultants extremely knowledgeable about the industry, their client and background of the specific practice area with which I was interviewing. What impressed me most about Prism was the professionalism and candidness with which they approached the entire process; they not only filled me with inputs about strengths and positives about my target company but also gave me views on things to watch out for and factors that I should consider while making my final decision. My experience was extremely positive'. "

S. G.

"Unlike most of his peers, Chris takes a genuine interest in trying to understand our needs, and thereafter always provides an unbiased and balanced view on the suitability of individual candidates. He seems focused on quality rather than quantity of pipeline, and is always prepared to invest time debating the worthiness and fit of any particular recruitment option. In my opinion the professionalism, quality and integrity of the Prism service is simply unrivalled "

David W.

"I dealt with Jonathan Ross whom I was very impressed with: he made an effort to understand my requirements and attempted to identify the most appropriate candidates for the vacancy. I felt the candidates that were being sent through were closely aligned to the job specification."

Eric A.

"Prism focus on the right roles with a very strong fit for the individual rather than trying to get either side to compromise. They have strong communications, fast efficient but not over the top"


"I have worked with the guys at Prism over several years, as both client and candidate. As a client, I find them extremely knowledgeable about the consulting market, and therefore consistently effective in proposing candidates. As a candidate, their effectiveness is matched by a refreshing honesty about what is, and what is not, suitable for the individual."

Peter A.

"I appreciate the time both of you have taken getting me back into employment. Light years away from some of your competitors in service and professional contact which is important to me personally. This marks you out as a company I would thoroughly recommend to other professionals seeking your services.

Robert H.

"I have worked with Prism over the last 2 years: they have a very good understanding of our business and have found us first rate employees. They are swift, professional and I view them as trusted advisors."

Christopher R.

'It was a pleasure working with you, and I assure you that on my 'journey' I did not work with anyone more professional and thorough than yourself. I will have no hesitation recommending you to my 'network' if the need arises. I appreciate all of your efforts"

Hugh M.

"A.T. Kearney has worked with Prism on several occasions and have been impressed with their understanding of our business and candidate requirements. As a result of their effective sourcing, we have welcomed some brilliant new employees to our team who continue to progress in the firm."

Henriette S.

"I was very impressed with how professionally Prism operates. I particularly appreciated the timely follow up and quick response feedback throughout the process."

Ron H.