Senior/Principal Consultants CIO Advisory and IT strategy

Our client

Our client is a fast growing mid-sized CIO advisory, IT strategy and IT management consulting firm who was seeking consultants at Manager and Principal consultant level. Their capabilities are across IT strategy and transformation including IT and Digital Strategy, Target Operating Model, Cloud/infrastructure, Service Management, Strategic Sourcing, Cyber Security and IT Delivery.

Background and Prism’s brief

Founded in 2008, this CIO advisory and IT strategy consulting firm had adopted a low risk growth strategy with a small permanent employee base and 80-90% of the staff on projects sourced from their Associate pool.

A push for growth alongside a wish to increase the value and marketability of the founders’ shareholding prompted a decision to significantly increase the ratio of permanent IT consulting and management consulting staff at Consultant, Consulting Manager and Principal Consultant level.

As the new hires would be typically replacing Associates this enabled them to plan for a consistent and ongoing hiring and recruitment strategy.

The primary requirement was for experienced “delivery” consultants who would be focussed on utilisation and chargeable consultancy work, perhaps managing assignments at clients and with day today responsibility for the client relationship.

The requirement was deliberately ambiguous: the firm needed high calibre and experienced management consultants with the right culture fit, attitude and growth potential. They were less concerned regarding the specific service lines or sectors, nor did they even specifically need a technology profile albeit an enthusiasm for CIO Advisory work and IT Strategy consulting was essential



Prism’s approach

The firm was seeking a relationship reflecting their need for regular and structured permanent recruitment over a significant period.

As such, Prism was willing to offer a fee discount, reflecting this partnership and long-term commitment, exclusivity and volume hiring.

Because of Prism’s experience in this market and our understanding of the “vague” nature of the candidate specification, we were able to adopt a deliberately broad approach to candidate sourcing, focusing on the intrinsic quality and talents of the potential applicant. Rather than for example whether they had deep specific technical skills or methodologies.

In practice, we identified and successfully placed candidates with experience in CIO advisory, IT strategy and IT consulting at different levels within this management consultancy.

We were also able to focus on selling  the attractions of the firm, which was not otherwise a “name” that would entice applicants.

While we advertised the job opportunities consistently and over a long period across a range of channels, we also ensured that we were frequently marketing the openings to our network and contacts. This also included passive job seekers and also candidates newly contacting Prism at the early stages of their management consultancy job search. These were often individuals who were not yet actively applying to job advertisements or registering with agencies more generally.

Over the course of over a year we identified a large number of potential candidates.

Our approach was consistent: brief and excite the individual about the firm and the opportunity for interesting work, a great culture and career development. We then interviewed them to determine both their experience and areas of strength but also the softer aspects relating to their career decisions and particularly their aspirations and requirements in their next management consultancy career move.

If these were aligned with our client then, and only then, were applicants shortlisted.

Example advertisment


To date, the firm has hired well over 30 new staff of which 12 were via Prism, 8 were direct experienced hires (typically the firm’s own network) and the remainder were a combination of back office staff, a graduate trainee programme and a regional delivery centre.