Contingent Recruitment

Our client pays a fee if we find a candidate they employ.

What the contingent recruitment solution offers:

We source high-quality candidates from our database

We have a strong database in the management consultancy market, built up and maintained since we commenced trading. Unlike many recruiters, we invest in growing our network and finding top talent for our clients. Many of these candidates are exclusively registered with Prism.

This ensures we can provide a speedy, cost-effective and results-related solution to a pressing recruitment requirement. In the era of LinkedIn, everyone thinks they have a ready-made candidate pool to source from. However, there is no comparison with a database of screened and qualified candidates, with contact details and, in many cases, “history” with Prism.

We advertise across many channels, at our expense

Naturally, we use an approach with a broad resourcing strategy to ensure that the client has access to candidate talent from a range of sources. This includes, at our expense, advertising every role across a selection of sites, carefully selected to optimise access to relevant, quality candidates.

Unlike many recruitment agencies, we reply to ALL candidates who apply to our advertisements as we believe an excellent candidate experience is fundamental to a successful recruitment strategy. As representatives of our clients, we are very aware that an unprofessional approach reflects on them too.

Why opt for contingent recruitment with Prism?

Contingent recruitment offers a much more flexible fee basis than most executive search and selection firms can provide.

In addition, unlike many other contingent recruiters, our combination of advertising and database search gives our clients the reassurance of being able to access a broad range of current consulting talent and the confidence of a successful outcome.

We recognise that many companies prefer a different charging structure to retained selection and have the experience and commitment to give all our clients a high-quality and professional service.

To discuss your recruitment requirements and assess which recruitment solution is most appropriate for your talent strategy, contact us.