Management Consultancy Jobs – Specialist Recruitment Experience Required

Specialist vs Generalist Consultancy Job Recruitment

When looking for a career refresher with a new management consultancy job or if seeking to appoint a consulting professional to a consulting job in the industry, to whom do you turn: a specialist or a generalist? The long-running conundrum continues.

Financial results published recently by Marks & Spencer, the ‘general retailer’, raised an interesting strategic option; M&S is not a grocer yet its grocery range was the prime contributor to the sales’ increases, even in the face of food-price deflation. How likely is M&S to switch into the ‘specialist’ food retail sector? An intriguing thought!

Prism Executive Recruitment was established as an independent start-up, emerging from a global recruitment group, itself beginning life as a specialist recruiter. Prism has built an in-depth specialist knowledge of how the general management consulting job market and the people working within it operate.

We define our areas of expertise:

  • Our objective is to support the appointment of the right person to the right consulting role in the right organisation. It is not just about filling consultant jobs, ‘agency style’. Our reputation is evidenced by the accolade Prism received ten years’ running as winners of the Top Management Consultancy Recruitment Award “in recognition of outstanding feedback.”
  • The ever-evolving knowledge base held by Prism Executive Recruitment delivers opportunities for all parties involved in the hiring process to access specialist market expertise and focused insight for mutual benefit.

How do we support candidates to find consultancy jobs?

  • Providing trusted and experienced recruitment consultants advice, specific to a particular recruiting client
  • Understanding the most effective self-marketing CV design
  • Tailoring interview technique to demonstrate an understanding of the culture of the hiring business
  • Anticipating likely interview questions based on the consulting job requirements
  • Awareness of the favoured hiring process
  • Knowing the people you will meet in the hiring process.

How do we aid clients in finding the perfect candidate for consultancy jobs?

  • Prism’s specialist sector experience allows us to identify applicants with the distinctive credentials and skills required for success in consulting jobs
  • We know what might appeal to experienced management consultants when recruiting for corporate consulting jobs
  • Having the expertise to access a large pool of talent by applying science to the art of human capital
  • Employing our expertise and experience to facilitate successful negotiation between client and chosen candidate.

Are we a specialist or generalist? At Prism Executive Recruitment we believe we are Experts and Specialists offering reliable, informed and professional support to both clients and candidates.

For more information on how Prism Executive Recruitment could help your organisation, visit our recruitment services page or contact Chris Sale (Managing Director) on 0203 143 5926 or [email protected]

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