Key job interview tips – Part 1

A recent survey of over 2000 hiring managers gives valuable insight into decision making criteria. Some of the findings are not surprising but clearly these decision makers are still meeting candidates who make some pretty basic mistakes. So here are some essential interview tips.

First Impressions at interview:

It’s cliché yes but unfortunately it’s also true: 33% said they claimed to know whether they were going to hire someone in the first 90 seconds.

  • 70% of employers don’t want someone overly fashionable or trendy. In conservative professions or client facing roles that will be higher. A surprising faux pas at senior levels is unconventional hair i.e. a bit spiky or gelled. Brightly coloured clothing is also bad albeit rarely a problem at executive level.
  • The most important impact is the non-verbal: 55% say dress, posture, your “entrance” is key. 38% will make instant judgements on your voice, grammar and how confidently you speak
  • Only 7% say first impressions are gained on what you actually say!

6 Common interview errors

  • Too little or too much eye contact
  • Limited knowledge of the company
  • Too serious/buttoned up: no smiling, warmth
  • Bad posture, bad body language i.e. arms folded across chest
  • Weak handshake….or too strong!
  • fidgeting

Part 2 to follow

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