Migrants vital for Management Consultancy Jobs

May’s migration rhetoric could deter ‘brightest and the best’ talent essential to filling management consultancy jobs.

When I have a spare moment I will look at a sample of UK management consultants on our database and LinkedIn to see:

  • what % were born in UK (and of those, what % have names that suggest overseas heritage);
  • what % came from abroad and where.

Many management consultancy jobs in the UK have been filled by talented, tax paying immigrants because the skills, experience and qualifications weren’t to be found in the UK, or Europe. Many of my shortlists for management consultancy jobs include overseas born candidates.

If we consider less skilled roles, I wonder when was the last time anyone on the Tory front bench visited Starbucks or Pret: do they seriously think those staff are doing our plucky home-grown youngsters out of a job? Or the staff who make their beds in the nice hotels they stay in? Their rhetoric is incoherent and dangerous. If we actually DID leave the EU and stopped all those “pesky foreigners” coming in we would be in deep trouble.

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