The recruitment process

As a specialist recruiter with more than two decades of experience, Prism has built up an extensive network of clients and candidates in the consulting sector. This means we can help to fill positions with the right person who has the right experience.

We understand that career planning should be long-term and strategic and we regularly offer insights on our blog on issues related to recruitment and executive search and selection. Whether it is for candidates who are preparing for an interview, or clients who are looking to attract the best talent in management consultancy.

Our approach at Prism is to be specialist and focused. This allows us to really support our clients and candidates, and offer them a service that is valuable and integral to what they do.

Read some of our top posts on various topics within recruitment and management consultancy to understand who we are and how we work:

hire character train skill

How many times have we seen those sentiments albeit with different phrasing? Business leaders from Jack Welch to Richard Branson and organisations from McKinsey to Harvard Business School make the…

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hiring manager asking candidate common interview questions

Is discriminating in favour of women by definition discriminating against men? On three occasions in the last six months I have been asked to favour female applicants. These were more…

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