Great Interview advice from leading headhunter

There is a lot of interview advice out there and it’s of variable value.

Also clearly one size doesn’t fit all. In this article, the author, based on her considerable experience, offers an insightful blueprint that is a must-read for people attending professional and executive-level interviews, including management consultant job seekers, because it goes beyond the “make sure you arrive in good time” point.

The interview advice covers a number of important topics:

  • preparation and company research
  • showing enthusiasm for the job and company
  • “being yourself”
  • considering how your values are aligned with the company’s values
  • personal interactions during the interview process

The article is rather unhelpfully headed “Every interaction is an interview” which is a shame because it makes it sound like advice on networking and building relationships: interesting doubtless but actually the article offers great interview advice.

Read the article Every Interaction is an Interview here.

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