A move into a UK management consultancy firm

We are a niche recruiter and typically we only handle roles seeking experienced management consultants with a recent career as a permanent consulting employee in a recognised management consulting firm/practice.

We regret we are not able to assist those seeking a career change into a management consultancy role, or looking for a consulting job at the very early stages of their consulting career, or who require sponsorship to work in the UK.

Many of our clients are consulting firms (or corporates) seeking experienced management consultants and unfortunately will only pay us a fee for finding candidates with such experience: invariably as a result they are seeking a close match and not willing to compromise.

Unfortunately and for the same reason this also almost always includes candidates who need sponsorship to work in the UK.

In our experience, direct approaches to consulting firms and people in your network in target employers are likely to be the best route.

This applies if you are considering a first move into a management consultancy employer, or are at the early stages of your career, or require sponsorship. In the latter case it is typically larger employers that have the capacity to support sponsorship applications.

However we are often asked:

  • how can I switch to a career in management consulting?
  • can I get into management consulting without experience?
  • what is the best way to become a management consultant?
  • I’ve just moved to the UK and need sponsorship: how do I find a management consulting job?

So we have compiled some helpful links and resources below.

Where to find more information on careers and UK employers in management consulting.

For information on careers in management consultancy and also for potential employers to approach please review these sites and articles:

Some of the sites and articles are aimed at graduate entry level. However they do feature useful information and employers that may be relevant to more experienced job seekers looking for a career move into management consulting.

LinkedIn and Glassdoor searches are also a good source of potential employers to approach albeit the jobs on those sites may also be seeking experienced consultants.

Jooble are a jobsite who aggregate management consultant job vacancies, some of which are at a more junior level or graduate entry.

Source Global Research is a great resource for in-depth consultancy insights, albeit some areas are for members only.

Consultant’s Mind is another excellent source of information.

Our Management Consultants Job Search Survey highlights the point about the network.

Here is more advice and guidance for job seekers.

Good luck!