CV Preparation

How to write the perfect CV

Drawing on several decades of experience in the executive recruitment market, we have written a comprehensive guide to preparing an effective CV for management consultancy job applications.

It is important your CV does you justice and our consultants offer the following key advice:

  • The general recruitment industry view is that a CV should fit onto two or three pages – certainly no more than four.
  • Your personal details and contact information should be clear, preferably placed at the start of your CV.
  • Keep your CV concise and to the point. Avoid using jargon or phrases that are only used by your company.
  • When structuring the career history section of your CV, work in chronological order, with your current/most recent position first. Prospective employers will be far more interested in your recent responsibilities and achievements than what you did 10-15 years ago so the length of each job description should be weighted accordingly.
  • A brief description of each company you have worked for (size, products/services, market position etc.) will help a reader who is not familiar with your industry.
  • Think about how much of your time you spend on each aspect of your job – your CV should reflect that. If 25% of your role is sales then make sure you mention it! If you are in a client facing role ensure you provide details of clients and projects: these should be bullet points, 3-5 lines each, sitting within the appropriate job section.
  • When responding to specific advertisements in the press or on-line, make sure you follow the response instructions accurately, and that your CV highlights all your experience which is relevant to the appointment in question.

We have a wealth of advice for candidates to assist in their job search including optimising LinkedIn profiles, interview preparation, and how to get the best from your recruitment consultant.

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